Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Time's passing really fast..No?

Hey peepos,

Been some time since I updated this page but seriously, at this moment, I shouldn't be. 
I should instead be working on my two other essays thats due next friday. 
I have barely started on these two essays so..i think i'm screwed. 

BUT Anyways, 
I have just 3 more weeks to go before I finish my first sem and I can't wait! 
Can't wait to just take a rest and catch up with the whole world. Cuz right now its so hard to balance work, social life and school. Juggling work and assignments was so bad that I didn't meet anyone during june. 

However, because most of my close friends are  flying overseas to study and stuff (you lucky people) i've been trying to make time and juggling everything to meet them before they fly and hence now, here I am barely starting anything on my assignments. 

But seriously, is it only me that finds that time is passing so damn fast? I feel like just yesterday I came back from Japan. But nooo,, its already been 5 months (As mentioned in my last blog post: Japan why are you so hard to let go? I overcame my phuket trip so easily...) 

It's been 5 months , my friend who went overseas to study, came back for winter break and going back again, fasting month passed and I can eat lunch with my malay friends. With all this happening I just thought "why so fast?" 

I don't know if it is because I am more aware of time or because  I am more busy now but I feel that time passes faster then when I was a kid. When I was a kid I had the impression that the sun was out longer and days took a long time to get over. But now, I just want time to stop and days to be longer. 24 hours is not enough. (Along with having only satuday and sunday as weekends is too short). 

If someone finds some scientific evidence that this is all in the brain or indeed time is passing fast as compared to the past please let me know. (Although I'm sure its not the latter). 

Well, I should be going back to my assignments. Its giving me a headache and I can't wait for it to be over. However, once this is over, I need to start studying for my exams (which I havent touched at all. I'm so screwed right). 

Probably will update a post when I'm swarmed with something and need a distraction. Hahaha. 


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