Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcoming September

Hey all!
So, September has come.
A new month means new discoveries and hopefully a break.
Yes! My holidays are coming up soon in just four more days.
But as always before peace there is always a battle.
I have four UTs coming up and they are all giving me a headache.
(Reason why I decided to come here to blog and take a rest)
One bad thing about revising on your computer is that you get distracted really easily.

Anyways I realised I have mentioned what I have been up to lately,
But not the things I have been 'digging'. Haha.
So I thought why not I fill you guys in on what I like these days.

Currently, I am reading a few books.
Hiromi Kawakami's Strange weather in Tokyo 
It is an interesting book and I think its more philosophical rather then a normal fiction book. Still reading it so maybe I will talk about it when I'm done.

The Mortal Instruments series 
I just got into this book about 2 days ago after I watched the movie. The story is like Twilight meeting harry potter with a lot of sarcasm. So far it is not bad, typical teenage book but its still pulling me in to read the whole series.

I have actually finished reading Dan brown's Inferno (I don't think I have mentioned this before)
It was as amazing as his past books. I honestly wonder how Dan brown's mind works. How can he write such detailed plots and twine it with religious matters and just really write such an amazing book.
An unexpected ending but all's good, I had fun reading it.

I have finally watched Wolverine and the man of steel!!

The man of steel wasnt as bad as how others described (except that superman was robbed of his red underwear). So much action for a superman film and overall I kind enjoyed it.

The Wolverine was good but I honestly just watched it cuz it had Japan in context. Haha. But overall a great deal of action but it was just the ending that was weird for me and also the movie was a bit lengthy but hey its wolverine so..superhero movies are kinda lengthy these days.

Mortal instruments:city of bones, a movie I was looking forward to when I found the trailer a few months back and honestly it was okay. The plot was confusing for me but hey 'Jace' made it all better. There was quite a lot of action, a HUGE plot twist that just made me so sad and loads of sarcasm haha. But honestly most of the time my eyes was just on Jace the handsome he is..oh and the warlock omg..the warlock was handsome too!! Magnus Bane!! This movie is like a chick flick with action to me.

So many things to say about music cuz I found so many awesome awesome songs over the month. Oh! and I finally got 30 seconds to mars' new album (SO HAPPY)
So recent bands I like would be

1. Hands like houses

2. The summer state
(their a local band and I saw them live the other day. I bought their EP too and really love their songs)

3. The Cab 
Another band I have started to listen often to is 'The Cab'. Their music is really good in a way that they sound different from what is out there these days.

4. Muse
Also I kind of dig 'supremacy' by Muse. I don't really like Muse's songs but this song is really good!!

5. AFI
Yes they are back and how much I miss them. Their new song I hope you suffer is totally them but then their other song 17crimes (which was used in mortal  instrument..when I heard it as the credit rolled I friggn fangirled) is a bit different from their usual sound but I really like it.

I have many other songs to recommand but I shall leave it for another day. Maybe by then I would have even more songs to recommand haha.

So that is what I have been listening/reading/watching these days.
I shall update again if I have the time :)
Till then have an awesome month ahead and welcome September with an open heart!!


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