Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A day trip in a hectic life


Decided to update my rather dead blog by posting about my trip to JB!! Yes I manage to find time to actually cross the bother to eat some good food next door.
Actually, I went to JB for the first time in my whole life early this year and I sort of missed the chance to blog about it (cuz life). Then last thursday, I actually made another day trip there with my uni friends (as a reward for finishing assignments before deadline) and decided to write a combined post of it here!!

After visiting the place twice, I realised how much I've missed out in my 22 years of living in Singapore as I've never crossed the customs to visit the place nearest to Singapore and I was so stoked for my first trip to JB.

Anyways: #1 Day trip to JB

The  first trip was filled with food! We ate literally from morning to night.
Things that we ate that day
Laksa>Brunch meal>Waffle>Ice Cream>Seafood>Roti Bomb

We didn't even shop that day...we just ate..and ate. rofl.

And it was really fun to hang with my uni friends! Plus one of my friend could drive and hence we moved around eating really good things!!

From the first trip was where I was introduced to this coffee shop called "Just want coffee, JWC" and it became the 'cafe to go to' when I visit JB. Seriously their cold brew is awesome and their brunch is really delicious!! If you drink their cold brew, every other cold brew coffee in singapore does no justice to cold brew.

If you like ice cream and want to experience something cool then visit KONE! They serve ice cream on dry ice and it was pretty cool as it lasted.

We then had seafood for dinner on the waters! (Which was pretty cool again) and I remember loving the spicy prawn dish! (I ate it though I was allergic to prawns..it was really good...though I suffered later cuz I ended up with an inflamted throat)

My new "go-to" cafe in JB! 

Their brunch is pretty filling and affordable!

Cafe Round #2: Atlas coffee embassy, where we shared the waflle!

Kone cafe that had pretty cool Interiors!

Went to get Seafood on a floating platform! It was a really cool dining experience 

Ended our trip with Teh Tarik and Roti Bomb :)

#2 Day Trip to JB 2!

The second trip happened just last thursday and it was more for shopping than eating.
We ate Laksa (again), then shopped at the newly renovated Jasco (Which is HUGE by the way, but there were still some stores in the making), then off for brunch at JWC (YASSS), then we hopped over to get our nails done then hung around city square mall (Which is huge ass as well) and finally ate steamboat for dinner (which was major nomz!!). It was a pretty laidback day filled with shopping and I remember buying a lot of cling wraps (Have I mentioned how good Daiso's cling wrap is?! Like for $2 , or in the case of JB RM5.30, its really good quality. Better then the western ones I feel. In the past, I agree that daiso's cling wraps were flimsy but now they are much more sturdier and easier to cut away then the normal ones you see in NTUC anyho..just a tip for people looking for cling wraps).

I also managed to get a discount on the shirt I really like from Uniqlo so I was pretty happy. Only downside was I came down with a bad throat after the trip. I literally lost my voice and was told not to talk for 2 days by the doctor.

Anyways, if you are in JB, do  check out JWC! Like it's are really good place to chill and have brunch. Their Mocha cold brew as well as hazelnut cold brew latte is nice!!

Hazelnut Cold Brew Latte

Well, I'll sign off here! Till the next post!!

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