Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Back Online and probably going back Offline

Back from a long hiatus and would probably go back to another hiatus after this post.
So what's up guys! Finally found a time to actually jot down a new post! 
Lately a lot of things have been swirling in my mind because I am very new to 
the things I am doing at work now and though there are many terms and things I don't 
understand, i'm gradually getting used to things and I actually love the fact that I am 
learning so many things here. 

So anyways, not gonna blabber about life anymore and I shall talk about music! 

So some updates on the bands I found that are nice: 

1. Whether, I
Song: Dreamcatcher ft.Richard Rogers of Secrets 
[Whether, I is a post-hardcore band that hails from Houston, Texas. With a light guitar riff and drop into the heavy side with decent lyrics this song is probably one of the better ones I heard from the rest..this is just a personal opinion. So if you are interested, check this song out first! ]

2. White Lies 
Song: Farewell to the Fairground
[A band that hails from london and will be performing in Singapore on 11th April, their vocalist reminds me of the 80s band depache mode. And the riffs in their songs, I'm not quite sure why reminds me of the songs that frequent the 80s/90s scene. It could also be because I'm not a huge fan of indie that I am not used to those type of songs with a standard melodic riff. However I must say farewell to the fairground sounds like something that came from the 80s and its nice to hear those familiar riffs and music style again. Their riffs catch my attention so much that honestly I had to listen to the song 4 times to get their lyrics. Overall, if you are into indie rock, this is one good band to check out! That is if you haven't already] 

Song: The Mother We Share 

[A band I fell in love with due to its familiar 80s type of melody. Is it just me or indie music reminds me soo much of the 80s? Maybe its just me but anyways, hearing from the people around me, CHVRCHES are actually quite big in the indie scene so yes, I did jump into the bandwagon a bit late. BUT anyways, so I heard them on Channel V when they had a indie top 5 countdown and immediately fell in love with it. The lead singer, Lauren Mayberry has a really nice and soothing voice. Also, unlike other indie bands where I tend to like only 1 or 2 songs from them I absolutely love all the songs from CHVRCHES. So check 'em out if you havent and you want to have a feel of the 80s in a modern era] 

4. Dayshell 
[ When I first heard the opening of this song I though 'oh! Is this band a rebirth of creed?" then came in the familar heavy tunes of post-rock melody and that was when I knew this band's music was different from the others. A band that produces mixes soft melodies with heavy bass/drum rhythm, it was quite refreshing to listen to honestly. If your're not into the total heavy stuffs, try listening to When you fall asleep tonight
Its guitar melody right into the chorus is just very soothing and so are the echos of the vocals kind of heighten the song a bit without ruining much of the soothing melodies from the band.]

5. Close to Closure 
Songs: Royals Cover 
[Now I honestly hated..i repeat HATED the song 'Royals' probably because it kept playing on the radio until it was to the extent that on the first note of the song I would turn off the radio. However this band actually made royals more bearable to hear. With the songs all riffed up and turned into a punk/pop style its actually easier to digest and pleasing to ear. Though lorde's voice is good and all, I think because of the type of genre I like, I'm more biased to this version of the song. Not to mention of the change in the chorus and the last verse before the ending chorus. Either way do check them out cuz its one of my faverite covers.] 

With that, I shall end my post. 
If you have a band whether its indie, rock, post-hardcore, pop, alternative rock or whatever its genre or language do comment below to let me know and check 'em out! Because honestly sometimes I have no idea where to look for new bands/artists to listen to. 

See ya guys in the next post! 

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