Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Last Lap of a fulfilling learning journey

The pond that I walked passed everyday and wonder what's it for

From classes that started at 8:30am, it changed to become classes that started at 9:45am
From being the enthusiastic student of trying to finish everything in the worksheet and final presentation, it changed to a student who chopes one question and works on it for 30 minutes.

It has been three years since I stepped into RP and I am now awaiting graduation day. There is still 2 UTs waiting for me before I can wash my hands off completely from Poly but I still think I need a pat on my back for completing my studies.

Honestly speaking, the last 3 years didn't feel like I was schooling. As compared to my secondary school days, where cramming was a must and tuition classes filled my daily schedules even on the weekends,  being in poly was a breeze.
The awesome lamas that changed my life 

The lunch gang that made my last sem awesome

It could be because in there was less theory and more hands-on activities. Presentations everyday and trying to apply what you learnt in the mornings, if you participate in class and pay attention you get the gist of what was happening that day. There's not much need for mugging unless its Media Law and campaigns and advertising lesssons (which I didn't mug and forsee myself failing the paper)

Also, as compared to secondary school I met a lot of people who changed me in poly. They changed the introvert me to a less introverted person. I hung out more after school till late in the evening (not gonna say night cuz I always need to be home by 10. But its an improvement from secondary school.)  I made friends I would never exchange something else with in the world and also met with different type of experiences that made me realise what I might want to do in the future.

Being able to participate in industry projects was probably one that widened my horizons during these three years and I think that was what I liked about being a budding journalist. In my assignments I was given the chance to interview different type of people you wouldn't talk to in your daily life and find out more about them. By doing these interviews I realised one thing. You always need to hear two sides of the stories and most importantly don't judge a book by its cover.

With my awesome team and intern buddy. Missing my director tho. :(

Internship was another interesting milestone I encountered. I walked into my internship filled with anxiety but came out a changed person.

Working in an company that could be my future job was a real eye-opener and through internship I found something I liked other than broadcast. I made new friends during internship that I wish to keep forever and just honestly experienced a whole lot of things. My team was the best and I wished I could have worked with them a long time. Though I was to be there for 5 months, I extended and stayed on for another 2 which allowed me to learn even more things.
When we were all rushing to meet a deadline for a pitch.
We all went mad. 

One example of how it changed me was the fact that I hated making calls to people. I hated talking to people I don't know, but working in a media agency meant day-to-day meeting with old and new mediaowners, calling people for proposals and going into yet another meeting. Over a few months after doing this, I became comfortable in talking to people that I didn't hesitate anymore to pick up my phone and ask about the proposal I recieved.

I even managed to handle one campaign with the help of my director and manager and seeing it come to life after I left was really awesome.
My very first industry-related assignment.
Felt like it was so long ago among the many other assignments I've done. 

Overall, the three years journey didn't feel long and I never once regretted my decisions. To those who always told me that "poly is just another route for those who can't get into JC" I would say you are wrong. Poly is for the people who want to learn beyond the books. Poly is for those who are willing to take risks to break from their normal routine of learning from the books and to experience the real world a tad bit early. Poly lets you learn from people who used to work in the industry or has experience in the industry hence its really interesting to hear how what you learn is indeed applied in the working world. It goes beyond just learning from a book with a teacher standing in front of class.
The wednesday team with one of the awesome facis

I also never regretted choosing RP as the poly to go to. Yes its damn far from the MRT station, yes it may look dull but I had fun in RP. Their method of teaching may be different from other polys but you'll get used to it after one semester. (And they have awesome nasi lemak, yong tau foo, western food, milk tea and iced chocolate latte). If you ask me what I will miss about RP, i would just say its the food and the facis I had, cuz there were some facis that were really awesome
*cough*broadcast *cough*development journ *cough*

So since its already the end of Year 3 Sem 2, it also means that some of sec 4 and sec 5 students are awaiting to see what courses they will get into. If you get into RP just welcome it with open arms. Who knows you mindset might change after you go in like me. Also, if you get into Dip. of Mass Comm in RP, welcome it with open arms even more. You will have awesome and fun facis waiting for you. Also there will be a number of industry projects you will learn from and widen your horizons with, so look out for that.
Presentation all day err day. Something I dont think I will miss. 

As for me, since i'm graduating its time for me to find another school to study. I will once again be in unfamiliar surroundings and I am still unsure where I will be going. I only applied for one school so if they don't accept me, I guess I'm kinda screwed? But I don't know. Lets just see where my life brings me. Lolz.


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